Monday, April 16, 2012

Hockey Hangover

This weekend was very depressing.  I love hockey and the playoffs are a great time to be a fan.  This playoff season has been a bit of a challenge to maintain my enthusiasm.  The Pens have not been the same team they were during the regular season.  It's annoying and now we are down 3-0 in the Series to the Flyers. (yuck)

Watching the Big Screen on the Lawn at the Consol Energy Center

I did at least get to hang out with friends this weekend to watch the games.  Friday, I was at Jenna and Mike's house for the game.  The most amusing part of the night was when their dog, Stanley knocked over the tray tables that had pop and food on them.  It was a big mess but everyone was just to stunned to try and prevent it.

Sunday, I met up with Jenn and we watched the game on the lawn.  This is a tradition back to the 2008 playoffs where the Pens organization shows the game on a big screen outside of the arena so the fans can get together and watch it in a big group.  I got us decent seats but the game was still out of control.  I did manage to make 5 more green Lego blocks during the game.

Needless to say, I woke up with a hockey hangover.  Have you ever had that feeling?  In Pittsburgh, we take our sports seriously and if the home team loses the whole city feels a little blue the next day.  Seriously, you do not want to be around us after a Steelers loss.  But, in the midst of just being blue, my favorite radio morning show reminded me about hope.

We still have a chance and that my friends, sparked the hope that I have as a fan. Hope is such an important emotion.  I have always been a silver lining and glass half full kind of gal, so to give up on my Pens was more of a visceral reaction to the game rather than the team I love.

Really.without hope, why bother being a fan?  I love the Pens.  The players are good people, the organization is pretty awesome to let us fans gather and cheer on the team (for free!) now the team just has to feel our good vibes and win the next 4.  Is it possible?  Of course it is.  Do it Pens!  We believe in you, so believe in yourselves and play your game of hockey.

Let's Go Pens!  #Pensin7

<3 Heather


  1. My honey and I have been watching the playoffs as well. I'm in Ontario, no I'm not a Red Wing fan. However, we are enjoying the Pen/Philly series. That is playoff hockey. I'd like to seen the Penguins move on. If only they could get what they had before playoffs back.

    1. I agree. I have faith but they need an attitude adjustment before the game tomorrow.