Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Fresh Start

Hello all, I have some unfortunate news.

I have briefly mentioned The Boy in previous posts and we had been dating for about 3-4 months. While he is a great person, the relationship wasn't going anywhere and I just didn't have enough of a spark with him to continue with the relationship.  So yesterday, I broke it off with him.  I think I kinda caught him off guard but in the long run it's for the best.   But know that I am okay but wanted to share what was going on.  Honestly, I was spending more time trying to dodge him than be with him.  Clearly that's a sign.

Anyway, I have gotten some progress on my projects and here is the update.

White Centered Granny Blanket

Since I finished the Gryffindor Scarf,  I have been working on a few things but got the bug to work on the White Centered Grannies again.  I really wanted to start putting it together and see the colors.  I initially started with a whip stitch join and realized that was going to take forever and I am pretty impatient.  So I tore out the tests and decided to do a slip stitch join because I am faster with a crochet hook than a tapestry needle.

After I got that straightened out I needed to figure out a way to get the blocks random while still being balanced.  So in all of my nerdiness, I went to excel for the answer.

Here is how I did it:
  1. I knew my blocks were about 5.5" so I putzed with widths to figure out how big I wanted the blanket to be.  This will be about 4' by 5'. 
  2. I used the formulas to create a random number between 1 and 8 (I have 8 colors) 
    • Formula  =randbetween(1,8)
  3. I then used conditional formatting for when a cell equals a number the appropriate color block is shown
Now isn't that geeky?  Anyway after refreshing the random formula I saved my favorite configuration by pasting over the formula and then tweaking it so the same colors were not next to each other.

Here is what I have done so far. I probably need to move to my table to continue to work on this.

I can't wait to get more squares done to add to the blanket!

As far as the Gryffindor adventure has gone, the wristlets are super easy and fast.  I made one earlier in the summer and put it aside to finish the scarf.  When I started the second wristlet, I realized I made the first one wrong.  I put the gusset in the wrong place so I am working on what is now the third one.

I hope to get this finished this week

I did rip back a bit to fix my counting error and now it looks a lot better. Now that I know how many stitches are in each row, it's easier to keep track of now.

I like the variation already!

I made some progress but until it's blocked it really just looks like a sparkly pink blob.

I keep losing stitch markers :(

So I feel as though my crafting bug has been renewed.  The weather is getting cooler and I have dreams of  just snuggleing up under wool yarn and knit/crochet my way through winter.  Are you making pulling out some old WIPs to get finished? 

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<3 Heather


  1. I think you are very brave to liberate yourself and 'the boy'. You sound like a very sensible lady. xxx With all your crafty goodness I am surprised you had the time. Men get in the way of some serious yarn time! :)

    1. Thanks, I tend to multi-task very well plus every Thursday is knit night and I get a ton done there.

  2. Oh wow, you know the guy I mentioned a little while back...same exact story! The lack of spark, the dodging, everything. I felt really bad because he didn't feel the same, but I just couldn't stand being around him and I didn't want to lead him on. I felt so relieved afterwards. We are probably secretly twins. Take care! I'm also so glad to see that you are crafting again, everything is looking so pretty!

    1. Crazy! I know exactly what you mean. I would agree we are probably secretly twins.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I love it so much already and it's only 2 rows wide :)

  4. Your WIPs are really amazing. You seem like you are really busy =).

  5. sorry for the direct pm but I cant find an email for you - I would like to talk to you about a memory book for Kimmy. please drop me a line:

  6. I really like the sparkly pink blog. It shows promise.
    Gray falling water scarf is beautiful.