Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012 - October Recap

Wow, another month flew.  I enjoyed this month for the most part.  My best friend provided the funniest weekend I have had in a while and I have finally gotten into a groove with my new projects at work.  While there was some drama in the family, it has at least resolved itself.

As I approach the anniversary of losing Mom, I am reflective.  I miss her so much but I have weathered this year and know I can handle things from here on out.  I am so proud of my dad.  I was worried about him but I think he is going to be alright too.

I had a bit of startitis this month and while I finished and posted about my biggest project to date, the others were not completed.

Well onto my mosaic. 

<3 Heather


  1. I'm still so impressed by the Harry Potter themed knit set, it is amazing! I'm glad to hear that life has been good. I also hope that you are able to make it through the anniversary, perhaps another memorial pie is in order?

    1. You know I hadn't given that much thought but I do think a pie is in order. Thanks for the suggestion. :)