Friday, December 14, 2012

Finished Object Friday - Owl Mitts

I can scarcely believe that I finished that paper on time.  I worked through the afternoon to about 8 PM to get that thing done.  In fact, I am still tired.

Anyway, in going with the procrastination theme from Wednesday the finished object in today's post was finished under the wire as well.

Every year myself and 4 other friends participate in a Secret Santa exchange.  A friend's husband has a program and he runs it each year so we don't have to draw from a hat (like we did when we started).  This year my recipient was Ashley.  She has great taste and likes cool jewelry and loves to craft.  I checked out her pinterest board and was inspired by the owls she had posted.

So I decided to make her mitts.  I used two patterns to create the design.  I made mitts for a modified version of the House Mittens from Charmed Knits and included an Owl Cable that was designed in the Owl Cup Cozy.

One is done!

So I cast on with plenty of time and got the first one done by the end of November.  I put it aside to get the Star Trek Cup Cozies done for my Nerd Wars Swap.  After the cozies were done, I had good intentions to get the next mitt started but I procrastinated and cast on the Wednesday before our exchange on Saturday 12/7/2012.  I got half way done by Thursday but didn't feel like knitting on Friday.  I made sure I got up Saturday to finish it but time kept ticking and I was almost done.  I finally cast off but had 8 ends to weave and eyes to apply.

So, I took to the back seat of the car and on the way to the exchange with Becky, I finished the Mitts.  And took pictures in the moving car.

Why yes this is taken in the car!

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Pattern - House Mittens and Owl Cable Knit Coffee Cozy
Needles - Size 5/3.75 mm Double Pointed Needles
Yarn - FiberNymph Dye Works in the Cosy Base
Color - Purple Pandemic
Duration - 2 Weeks
Size - Medium


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who writes programs for random little things like that. The mitts look fantastic, I look that you even gave them little eyes. Hooray for being finished with the paper! Now give yourself a break and do something fun!