Friday, December 21, 2012

Finished Object Friday - Ravenclaw Beanie

Hello again!  Well it appears as though the world did not come to an end today.  Somewhere in Asia, it already December 22nd so I think we are good.  Anyway, even though my birthday is right around the Summer Solstice, the Winter Solstice is my favorite.  We are going through the shortest day of the year but tomorrow is a little bit longer, and the next day is longer.   How can you not be encouraged by a little more sunshine each day until June.

Anyway, I am dreadfully behind on Christmas.  Shopping is far from done, some baking is done, some decorating is done.  But all in all I have a busy couple of days ahead of me until Christmas and then it's off to Anaheim.

Well enough blather for one Friday, let's get down to yarn.

If you will remember, I made the Gryffindor Set for my Boss' daughter as a going away present for college.  Granted she was home on break when she got it but it was still warm out.  As a result, of my efforts I began to feel bad about not making anything for my Boss' son so when she approached him about it, he was super excited to get a Ravenclaw Beanie.

I love making hats because they are instant gratification when it comes to projects.  Round and round and some decreases and voila your done.  I am really pleased with this hat because it looks nice and masculine but is totally Harry Potter through and through.

Look ma!, a Ravenclaw!
While the move made the accessories in Blue and Grey, I chose to go book style and use a coppery/bronze color to accent the blue.  The picture is showing the color as more Royal but it's navy.

I already passes this along to my boss and he will get it on Christmas.  I hope he likes it!

There is a huge part of me that wants to whip up a Hufflepuff hat for myself.  I have enough Black and Gold. Keep your eyes peeled for another hat from this pattern.

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<3 Heather

Now for the Details:

Ravelry Page - Hogwarts Beanie - Ravenclaw
Needles - Size 8/5.0 mm Circular Needles/Double Pointed Needles
Yarn - 
0.56 Skeins of Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted in 848 - Navy
0.05 Skeins of Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted in 175 - Jewel Gold
Duration - 15 hours of work
Pattern - House Hats from Charmed Knits


  1. Wow, I love these beanies. I clicked through to your gryffindor project and had to laugh at your feeling about the scarf. I recently made one for my daughter in the thick stripe style from the early films and it seemed to take me an eternity! Yours look lovely in the end though so perhaps it was all worth it.

  2. Oh that is such a fun beanie, he is going to love it! I prefer the movie colors for Ravenclaw though (probably because bright colors do not look great on me). I hope you had a wonderful holiday!