Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Vacation Days

I write this post from my old bedroom.  Though the colors have changed over the years, there is always something comforting about being home.  Note I said comforting not comfortable.  My childhood home is a 100+ wood frame home with small windows and no air conditioning.  We were never able to have room air conditioners because the windows are tall and narrow.  So as my mother used to say, "We have whole house sweat."

The reason why I am home is my church festival.  I got volun-told I would be making funnel cake batter and making walking tacos/frito pies at the festival.  Now if it was just the tacos, I could have worked this week but since I was asked to make the funnel cake batter, I need the mornings off to get the batter done and refrigerated before the festival opens.  Lucky me.  So my vacation this week is just a different form of work.  But it's for my church and I don't mind.

This past week marked by birthday.  I had a lovely weekend where I went swimming, saw movies and ate out a lot.  I had a lovely time at the Cheesecake Factory with Aunt Becky and Aunt Francey (Hi!).  They read the blog and I promised to mention them :)

My Birthday Cheesecake!

So needless to say, I didn't get to much knitting done this week but I am making progress.

I have been bouncing back and forth between the first quadrant and the fourth quadrant. The first quadrant is almost done.  1.5 blocks left to go.  I want to get through all of the blocks that use purple see if I have enough yarn.

This one gets a little bit done at a time.  I have 20 rows left to finish but they are the longest rows so far and it just takes awhile.

Anyway, that was my week.  Hope yours is going well.

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<3 Heather


  1. It was my birthday recently too! Beautiful hue shift blanket!