Thursday, September 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Err Thursday? #3

What a crazy week!  I keep forgetting what day of the week it is and I was so certain yesterday was Tuesday.  Hence the delay in writing here.  Monday was the Labor Day holiday and it just completely threw my week off.  Tuesday was generally okay but yesterday I had one hell of a day.

First I found out that I am switching groups at work.  My day to day isn't changing but I basically got re-aligned to a new manager based on that work.  It's not a bad thing just different and that sort of leaves me unsettled.  Then I realized I left my debit card at home, so when I left for my class I had to double back to my apartment and get it.  In doing this trip I ended up being 30 minutes late for my class.  Thankfully my professor is reasonable and didn't get mad.

On top of that, when I did briefly realize yesterday was Wednesday I was a bit to swamped to get to the blog.  Similarly I just got a moment today to update.

So here we are in September and one of my favorite months.  I love September and October.  This is my favorite weather of the year.  I love the cool crisp breezes that flow through the area.  I love watching the green leaves turn their dazzling fall colors.  I love apples, pumpkins and baked appley and pumkiny things!  This is the season of pies, stews, and hearty soups. I even love the cool rainy days when I can lounge around with a cup of hot tea and a book or knitting.  I love the festivals and events.

I do fear that this month is going to go by so quickly because it's a busy month as well.  Hopefully, I can combat that speed with a lot of pictures and blogging to remember my favorite time of the year.

White Centered Granny Blanket

And I have 80 squares complete
So I finished another section of my blanket.  I am so happy with how it is turning out (even with the different off-whites).  This is now at the stage where I can start to cover up with it while I am working on adding rows.  The blanket feels so heavy and warm and will look so lovely on the back of my couch.

All scrunched up!
I did start the next batch of squares.  Just 40 more squares to add.  I will have several extra and  I need to decide what to do with them.  I can add a 13th row or I can put them together for some matching pillows.  I think it will depend on how much I feel like doing when I get this all done.

I also did write up a post on how I created the randomness in my blanket using Excel.  Check it out and I hope it helps you to take the pressure of making a randomized design.

Winter's Coming

Pretty Snowflakes
Before the weather got cooler this week, we had one last blast of heat and humidity.  In the haze I thought making a snowflake would trick my brain into cooling down.  I don't know if it worked but I did enjoy this hexagon.  I think I am going to use this as a swatch for a fall dissertation from Nerd Wars.  I think it's a good enough project that I can get done with in 3 months in time for snow and Christmas.

In other projects things are progressing but nothing really to show.  Anyway, that was my week.  Hope yours is going well.

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<3 Heather

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