Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Progress!

That week was a whirl-wind of stuff that required my attention.  I managed to get it all done but boy am I beat.

It's really sad that the middle of one of my favorite months has passed and I haven't gotten out to enjoy fall.  I plan on getting out this weekend to get some great pictures and enjoy the crisp air before winter comes.

Aside from that, this week has been slow compared to last week.  It's a lovely reprieve from the crazy.

Cherry Sundry

Hounds tooth!

While I am annoyed that my scale decided to break (just as I needed to weigh the remaining red yarn), I am thankful that the designer noted a stitch count to attain before starting the hounds tooth section.  I am in love with the brown color I picked and couldn't wait to get started with the pattern section.  I know its hard to see but there are a few rows of brown and red popping through near the cable.

New pattern!

Quaker Foxhunt

Orange you glad I made progress?

I showed the little bit of progress I made last week.  The best thing about triangular shawls is that in the beginning a little bit of work equates to a lot of progress.  The motivating factor in this project is the changing yarn.  My next color is red and I am about 3/4s of the way to the color change.  I just want to see the color change and then the next.  So must keep knitting.

Lovely Foxhunt yarn from Twisted Fiber Arts.
How can you not be motivated to get through this skein of yarn?  This is my first skein from Meg at Twisted Fiber Arts, and it's the first club shipment for the fall.  This club's theme is Downton Abbey and I chose the yarns from the "Upstairs" collection.  Can't you just imagine a fox hunt when looking at this yarn?

I love the alternating knit and garter sections.
You may have noticed but I had a bit of a love affair with garter this summer.  I knit 2 hitchhikers, and started the Sundry and Happy Street.  Needless to say, I am garter-ed out.  This shawl is helping me to transition to other things.  The design alternates between garter sections and stockinette to create a rippling pattern.  It's a nice change of pace to purl once and a while.

So that's all for this week.

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<3 Heather


  1. ooo that foxhunt yarn is gorgeous, I love colour changing yarns, I have to knit as fast as I can so I can get to the next colour lol

    1. This is my first and I am in love. It just takes a project to the next level.

  2. I like a little garter sometimes too. It's nice to have something you don't have to count as much once in a while.

    1. Yep! But I think I have overdone it a bit.