Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Thinking Warm Thoughts

Hello again my lovely followers!  It's -1° F here in the Burgh and I'm cold.  Thankfully I live in a building with radiators so my place is generally nice and warm but it screws with my head when I am getting dressed in the morning.  I have been known to not wear a warm enough coat because I misjudged the weather.

Really in this weather I miss my snuggle bug, Zoey.  She and I would cuddle while I was home recovering from my surgery.  She would find the crook of my knee and curl into a little ball and sleep with me in the morning.  Since I am back at my apartment, I don't get my own personal heater but I at least get to see her on weekends.  :)

During my recover and since I have returned home my needles have been flying.  It's hard to explain but while on the pain medication it was hard to concentrate to read but I was able to knit.  I think it was the muscle memory and the simple movements but my hands flew while I recovered.  Other than that, I just sat around and watched movies and binge watched Big Bang Theory and NCIS.  

Now that I am back to work, I realize how important calories are to energy.  I am only able to eat about 500-600 calories a day and boy am I tired when I get home.  I know I am going to crash when I get home tonight since I also have my Grad Class to attend.  Other than being tired I feel great but I think I might need to start exercises with some light weights as my arms are really flabby.  I used to be able to flex a bicep muscle but now its just flab, need to get on that and do some bicep curls.

Lots of colors!
This was my go to project while recovering.  I still had the majority of the short rows to complete and then the last section.  As soon as I got to the final section I decided to take a bit of a break.  It's kind of tedious and I worked on it for 2 straight weeks so really it needed a time out.  I really like the colors though.  When I am working on it I doubt my love for the shawl but when I step back and look at it, the shawl really is lovely.

Now just to plow through and get the border done.  Shouldn't take too long to get completed.

This is the third major section of 4 and I am about half way done with it.  Woot Woot!!!!  Unlike the color affection this has some instant gratification that I can get a square done and feel like I accomplished something.  Due to the construction, when you get a square done, it seems necessary to start the next square so you don't drop stitches.  So I hope to get this square done soon and then start on the last one.  That one should be fun since it's just the blue section.

Almost finsihed
I have also picked this back up.  It got shelved when I was working on my cardigan and then back burnered when I started the color affection.  Given the break this project had I gleefully picked it back up to work on instead of the color affection.  I finished the houndstooth section and started on the final solid color section.  I am about half way done with it and then just need to figure out the picot bind off.

I really love this brown.  It looks brown but in the right light reds and greys play with the brown and just look lovely against the crimson.  

It's also really big and warm.  I can't wait until it's done so I can wear it on these cold winter days.

So that's all for this week.

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<3 Heather


  1. Wow, three big projects on the go! And all such beautiful colours. Looking fabulous :-)

    1. Thank you for visiting and yes they are rather big but in the final stages. This is where I langor because the progress appears to be so slow.

  2. All lovely projects. Hope you are back to normal soon!

    1. Thanks. Things are starting to get there but still will take some time.