Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Four Years Ago...

So four years ago on January 7th, I started my first full time job.  I had just graduated from college and began working in the professional world.  It was really intimidating and looking back now, I can't believe how much time has passed.

But, I am not here to tell you about work instead, I want to talk about what happened after work that week.

When I called my mom after my first day of work we chatted about how the day went but then she asked what I was doing that night.  My response was "Nothing, why?"  She sighed and said, "Would you be able to come home tonight, I need some help."  Suspicious I responded, "Help with what?"  There was a pause, "I was laying new carpet I got with money from Christmas and my birthday in the living room and got everything out but can't lift the new carpet roll and now I am stuck in the corner.  Can you come home?"  (Note: Her birthday is January 8th.  She would have been 56 this year but we celebrated her 52 birthday on the 6th that year)

I couldn't help but laugh and I drove the 1.5 hours home in rush hour traffic and walked into the house.  The place was a wreck, all of the living room furniture was in the dining room and she had half of the carpet unrolled and in place.

"Ma, I thought your said you were stuck and needed my help."  Mom kind of snorted with amusement and said, "Oh well I managed to move some more pieces of furniture and got it half unrolled, now get over here and help me move the entertainment center so we can finish." 

Picture of the Living Room with the Carpet

That ladies and gentleman is my mom in a nutshell.  She was strong and determined and wasn't going to wait for anyone to do what she wanted.  It wasn't uncommon to leave for school and come home and the entire house would be wallpapered or rearranged.  She was so stubborn too, just wanted everything just so and in her own way.

I realize now that since her illness and death, I have lost a lot of my drive and determination.  I was ambitious and driven, but past tense isn't good enough for me and would annoy the heck out of her so I plan to revive my motivation and regain my drive and ambition to be awesome.

<3 Heather

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