Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lady, Patches and Zoey

I have always loved animals and wanted pets.  I constantly look at Animal Friends and the Western Pa Humane Society searching for my next dog.  Unfortunately, my apartment is tiny and I don't think a dog would have enough space to be happy.

Growing up, my grandparents (AKA Gram and Pap Pap John) had a German Shepard named Lady.  She was a great dog and was my protector.  My mom would tell me how before she was pregnant with me Lady would jump up on her when she went to her parents house to visit but when she was pregnant Lady would grab her hand in her teeth (gently of course) and lead her into the house.  After I was born, the dog was in every picture they took of me at my Grandparent's house.  But it wasn't a full shot of Lady but rather a body part, whether it was a tail, an ear, a nose or her butt she was always there.

I was about 5/6 when Lady passed away but the good news was that we moved that year and I could finally have a dog of my own because we moved to a new house.  Patches was a spaniel mix but I suspect there was some border collie in there too.  She was black and white and fluffy and kind of awesome.

She fit in our family brcause she had an attitude, she would flip her water bowl when it was empty and when my mom was in a tear rearranging the house she would get annoyed and pout in the hallway.  But she was so loyal, she would sit on the landing in the hallway waiting for me to come home from school and she would hang around my room until I fell asleep.  She really missed me when I went off to college and would get a bit confused when I would come home for breaks and would search the house when I went back.  We had to put her to sleep my senior year of college, it was for the best and she live a long and happy life.

Before my High School Graduation with Patches

My dad didn't want another dog.  He wasn't heartless just didn't want to replace Patches.  My mom however missed having a dog around while she was rambling around the house.  When she was recovering from surgery in March of 2011, she told dad she wanted a dog and that is how we came by Zoey.

Zoey is amusing.  She really is a joy and completely different from Patches.  Zoey has high energy but is also loving.  Mom just loved her and Zoey would curl up on the chair with mom and they would nap but she also loves her chew toys and ripping apart any stuffed animal that comes in her path, including the pet bed I got her for Christmas.

Since mom is gone, I love Zoey so much more.  She made my mom's time this past year so joyful and happy and really what more can you ask from a pet.  Zoey still gets into high jinks but how can you not love this face :)

<3 Heather


  1. Thanks for sharing three beautiful dogs and their stories. Zoe certainly is a little charmer :) x

    1. Yes she is. She will get into something then turn her brown eyes at you that say "How can you be mad at me?" Thanks for visiting!