Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

There are a few most wonderful times of the year.
  • Christmas (Obviously) 
  • Hockey Playoffs (Hello hockey is on every night for like 2.5 months)
  • March Madness (I love college basketball)
  • Back to School time (Schools Supplies are my kryponite)
  • And...

I can really care less about who is playing (that's a lie because I love the Steelers but what can I do) but I love this weekend.  Good food, good friends and lots of awesome commercials.  

Anyway, I thought I would reminse about Super Bowls past.  Back in 1995, the Steelers went to Super Bowl 30 and we had a party to celebrate.  Mom was in charge of the food and the decorations but after we lost we told her she was not allowed to watch the big games because we think she jinxed us.  She really didn't care because she hated football.

Then in college, the Steelers were doing pretty well.  Here is a picture of me watching the AFC championship game in my dorm room.  My roomie Lucy so kind took a pic while I was swearing at the Patriots.

And being caught on camera...

Then the next year, we won the Super Bowl but the playoff games leading up to the super bowl were insane.  I mean I couldn't watch I would run out of the room into the bedroom and have my roomie tell me what was going on.  Mind you, Lucy had no idea what was going on, so I would run back out.  I think I wore a hole in the carpet.

When we did win, the whole college town rioted and of course I was in the thick of it, luckily Lucy took pictures of people burning a couch on our lawn.

Of course I ran out without a coat and it was snowing
Meanwhile, I was making my way to the heart of campus with all of the screaming fans.  It was one of the best memories of my life until the groups started wrecking havic and destroying things.  I realized it was time to go.

A couple years later, the Steelers went back again and some friends had a party.  It was fine but by the end I couldn't take it and I left before it was over.  My rationale was that I listened to the entire season on the radio in my car, so I needed to get there to reverse the jinx I was creating.  As soon as I started the car, the Steelers scored.  Granted my friends still make fun of me for "peacing out" before the game was over.  I also didn't partake in any riots but it was a good time.

Last year the Steelers were in the Super Bowl again and another party was held and again I left early.  Can't really remember why now but I did.

Granted, I do watch the other one's but they are mainly low key events with some food and people but alas, there are not pictures from these later Super Bowls.  

Hope you have a good weekend and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

<3 Heather

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