Friday, February 3, 2012

Change of Plans

Hello all, this post was supposed to be a FO of a baby blanket I am working on for a friend's baby.  I started before the baby was born but didn't get it done in time for the birth so now I just want to get it to the baby before their first birthday.  Truthfully, I enjoy all of my crafts but I have such ADD when it comes to projects.  I work best with clear deadlines and expectations to meet them, but having plans to write posts is a great motivator.

This is an in progress shot of the blanket.
I am really annoyed with myself for not finishing but I did work on something so the night was not lost.  I started to learn how to do cables and while completely scared of the things, I am realizing they are really easy.

I really got the confidence after reading this post and this post from Misadventures in Craft that I found a washcloth pattern to practice cabling.  Really she has a point that if you don't have preconceived notions about doing the "hard" things in knitting or crochet they really aren't that hard.  Challenging yes but not that hard.

It's hard to see in the white but there are the cables :)

It's definitely flawed but I am so happy that I can finally see the pattern.  One thing I was surprised about was that working with the ecru was like working with black, after awhile I was so frustrated because I couldn't see the pattern forming.  This morning it looked better though. I shall update the progress as I knit along til I get a FO.

In other news, I decided to participate in the Month of Craft Photos on Flickr.  I figured that I have a new fancy camera and would be taking pictures for the blog anyway so what could it hurt.  Below are the daily prompts and my first 2 shots.

Daily Prompts
Day 1 - You in Action
Day 2 - Craft Tools
So there you have it, 2 days down and 27 more to go.  I am really excited to work on my composition and make great exposures.

Hope you have a good weekend!


  1. Yay, I'm glad you got the confidence to try :) Looking good already (it always takes a few repeats to even look remotely right!)

    Maybe my next "it's not that hard" post should be about cables, they really are easier than they look, aren't they!

    1. Yeah and this one is only a 2 crossed over 2 and it easier without the cable needle. I did realize this is a project where my attention needs to be on the project and not on TV or a hockey game.

  2. How funny, I wrote about my craft ADD today too! I like your baby blanket, it looks great.

    1. I saw you post and felt like I had deja vu. Thanks I really like it too and can't wait for it to get done so I can work on everything else without guilt.