Friday, February 24, 2012

Finished Object Friday - Green Merlot Hat

Oi, this week has been really busy.  I had an exam to prep for and take on Wednesday and now I am preparing for a conference I am presenting at tomorrow.  I have a presentation to write and other tasks to get done.  I enjoy busy weeks and I hope to share that with everyone more as well as all of my crafting goodness. 

We are here again at finished object Friday and while I haven't made a ton of headway on some of the WIPs I talked about on Wednesday and I started another one last night [oops :-) ].  I do have a project that I finished very early Saturday morning (like 1 AM early).  You may remember this post from the beginning of the month and I updated a bit throughout the month as well but now it's done. 

That's me.  Don't you love my new glasses?
I planned on taking another picture cause I was having a good hair day yesterday but time slipped away from me and I have 4 WIPs going on and stack of books calling my name so I didn't get a new picture.

This hat was a really easy knit and I will definitely make it again but I think I will cast on more stitches to make it a bit bigger and looser.  It's supposed to be slouchy but it's more form fitting than slouchy.  [Or maybe I have a bigger head than I thought ;-)]

Aren't the buttons adorable?

I may have mentioned but green is my favorite color.  I love spring or kelly green.  It tends to be flattering and brings out the green in my eyes.  I also have wristlets in  my queue to go with the hat but I want to get some other stuff done first.  I do have the yarn though and I think it compliments the hat well, don't you?

Sour Apple from Candy Skein

In other news, I do hope to expand my content a bit. Here are some details on what's to come (don't you just love lists?)
  1. I am going to try and capture what I am reading.  I read so quickly that taking pictures about it will really require me to be on top of things. 
  2. More cooking and baking.  I must remember to keep my camera with me at all times! 
  3. I hope to talk more about my memories and upcoming adventures.
  4. Pictures.  I have a new camera and I need to get out there and find awesome stuff and capture it
Until next time, here are some awesome finished objects from other bloggers found on Tami's Amis' Blog  Check them out!

<3 Heather

Green Merlot Hat:

My additional details and notes are found here

Patten - Merlot (can also be found on the Author's Website)
Needles - Size 8/5 mm with 16 inch cables and Size 8 double needles
Yarn - King Cole Merino Aran Yarn in Green (Note this did make my bamboo needle tips green as well) Used about 75 g of yarn
Duration - Little more than 1 month (Set aside to finish baby blanket so probably 5 nights work)


  1. Green is my fav too, but I tend to the olive/limey ranges. Bright or subdued, either one, just give me green! Cute hat! And, I think I have those same exact buttons!

    1. Oh thanks green is just such a happy and pleasant color.

  2. Looks cute. I prefer fitted hats to slouchy hats but that's just me. Green's also my fave, but more a sagey green than kelly green.

    1. I do like fitted hats when its really cold out but it smooshes my hair. I have had a recent liking of bright lime green but only in accessories.

  3. Great hat, I love the green (and yum, am envious of your Sour Apple Candy Skein, too!) and the buttons are perfect.