Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Month of Craft - Day 3 thru Day 7

Hello all, things are kind of slow here this week, since things are kinda busy right now at work.  Anyway I thought that I would update you all on my progress on the  Month of Craft Photo Challenge.  I realized today that I haven't been true to the challenge and have been using some pictures I took in the past rather than snapping pictures each day.  Opps!  I will try and correct it in the future but for now here is what I have.

Day 3 - An Old Finished Object

Penguin Hat
You probably recognize this from a previous post but I couldn't help but reuse it and share it again.  Plus, I no longer have it in my possession.

Day 4 - Inspiration Outdoors

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, April 2010
Again I used an older picture but I love this picture and I am so impressed when I pull something off so amazing with my little old point and shoot.  I was visiting a friend in Seattle, Wa and we made the 60 mile trip north to check it out.  It was almost the end of the season but it was still amazing and beautiful.  One of my travel goals is to get to Holland for their Tulip Festival.  Plus in finding the links to share, I also found festivals in Ottawa and Albany in May.  I may have to plan a trip.

Day 5 - Notions

Penguin Stitch Marker

Okay, so of course I love Penguins and this one was just darling.  I took this picture on my new camera and applied a few edits for brightness.  F 5.6, ISO 100 and Shutter 1/200.

Day 6 - Color

Taken at Pike Place Market, Seattle Wa, April 2010
Another old picture but it's so hard to find color during such a dreary time.  Anyway I have a ton of orange stuff queued up that really this is a huge inspiration.  Again they are tulips and I took a ton of pictures of the bouquets they had for sale because the colors were so rich and lush.

Day 7 - Materials

Yarn for Granny Square Blanket
So I bought this yarn about a year ago because it was on sale and I had just gotten back into crocheting.  I was really into it and loved the colors and planned on making a huge blanket.  That blanket still unfinished.  Love the yarn and the colors but it wasn't a captivating project.  Anyway, this is a picture from when I took pictures for my stash on ravelry.

Tomorrow's prompt is "challenging" and perhaps I will photograph my cables tonight.  Maybe there is something else that will catch me eye.

While I do feel guilty about using old pictures it still excites me that I get to share these old ones with you.  Some day I will share other pictures from my travels but  that is another blog post.

<3 Heather


  1. Not up to speed about the photo challenge, but ohhhhhhhhhhh those flower pictures are awesome. The tulips in particular jumped right off the page and made me smile.

  2. Thanks I printed some out for my mom one mother's day and framed them for the living room. She loved tulips.