Monday, February 20, 2012

Sam and Heather's Most Excellent Knitting Adventure!

I feel like this intro needs some air guitar #enernenrenrnerne#.  Anyway, goofy mood aside this week in Sam and Heather's Most Excellent Knitting Adventure takes us to Knit One in Pittsburgh, PA for a knitting lesson.  We both bought Living Social deals for a 2 hour advanced beginner's class in knitting.

our table during our lesson

Now, when we bought these I had finished the Penguin Hat and Sam hadn't tried knitting before so when I went to get the yarn for myself and Samie's Christmas Gift I asked what we needed to know for the class.  She said, we need to be able to knit and purl, cast on and bind off.  I passed along this information to Sam and she went wild with dishcloths and more dishcloths to be ready for our lesson.

Anyway, after several reschedules we finally had our lesson (During an intense hockey game too.  Alas, what I do for my knitting.).  We were early so we worked on some of our other WIPs but then we were able to get started. First we had a lot of yarn to wind.
Samie and our instructor Wendy!

We got to learn how to load the Swift

And the Yarn Winder!  I got pretty good at it

Anyway, once the lesson got started we started our gauge swatch and we all learned 2 things.

  1. A gauge swatch help you to do the math to make the pattern work out.  
  2. I cannot knit and hold a conversation.

Exhibit A
As you can see there is a hole in my swatch and I have a ridge in the material because I knitted where I should have purled.  I can watch hockey and talk to my dad while knitting but I can't talk to other knitters.  But really I am happy to understand the importance of a gauge swatch because we had some serious edits to do on the pattern for it to fit right and the swatch helped to understand the math.

There were other beginner classes going during the time we were there and they were learning how to knit a scarf.  I am super happy we chose the advanced beginner class.

Overall, my lovely Pumpkin Berroco Vintage Chunky yarn is amazing!  It is so soft and cuddly.  I am really excited to get this pattern going but I have an exam on Wednesday and all yarn craft must come to a stand still while I study.  Never fear, I have posts in the works for everyone!

I realized today, as I wrote this that I made homemade lasagna for my dad this weekend and didn't take any pictures for the blog.  Bad Blagger!  I will try and remember for next weekend!

Until next time.  Air Guitar out #nrterenenrennenr#

<3 Heather

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