Monday, March 26, 2012

Reminicing of my Travels to Germany in 2004

The weather today has gotten cooler but last week we had 80° F days which reminded me of my Germany trip in 2004.  With spring in the air, everything is starting to get green and beautiful and its almost as close as the greens of the fields when I flew into Munich in May of 2004.

Taken from the Bus on the way to Neuschwanstein Castle
I had always wanted to study abroad but the demand of engineering posed a challenge so instead there were a few classes offered that allowed to 2 week abroad experiences.  I went to Germany after my Freshman Year and studied German industries.  I also went to Brazil after my Junior Year to study sustainability.  (More on that in another post)

Anyway, this was my first trip out of the Country.  I was so nervous because the political climate was still unsettled from 9/11 and we were instructed not to draw attention to ourselves while we traveled.  I had flown before but this was a longer flight and I just wanted to see the place where my family originated. (I am of German decent). 

I was no naive now that I look back but really what 18 year old isn't?  It was an interesting experience trying to communicate in a language that was foreign to me.  Luckily we were in a group but we still had some time to explore Augsburg (where we stayed) on own quite a bit.   I loved how timely the transportation systems were and wish ours were better.

We were there to learn and compare USA and German industries from a business and engineering point of view.  We visited Beer manufacturers, Audi manufactures, Computer and Semi-Conductor manufacturers as well as robotics manufacturers.   We got free samples of the Beer but not of the Audi's we got to see being built.  :) 

On a side note, I left home hating beer and came back a beer snob.  ;o)

In addition to the  the industry tours there were cultural to Neuschwanstain Castle and the Alps.  Really this was just a breath taking day.  The castle both inside and outside was gorgeous!  The Mountains take your breath away and there was even snow still at the top of the Mountain top we visited.

I took this picture and I still can't believe how amazing it turned out.

This was on the way to the Castle Overlook Bridge.  Aren't the Alps Stunning!

On the Gondola to the Top of one of the Mountains in the Alps.

I did break my toe earlier in the trip falling down a set of stairs but really nothing was keeping me from visiting this place.  I took my time and finally made it up the steep path but it was worth it!

I wish there were more breathtaking places like this in my hometown but therein is the challenge.  Finding the beautiful in everything we see and capturing it.  Being ready to grab the brilliant orange sunsets, catching the flowers and trees in bloom.  Seeing the everyday with new eyes.

I hope to take more pictures now that the weather is nicer and find old places that take my breath away and are new again.


  1. Wow, that sounds like a dream trip abroad. I'm seriously impressed, as a science major I didn't think that I would have time to go abroad so I didn't. Now I wish I had. Germany is beautiful! My boyfriend almost got a job with BMW there (although secretly I think he wished for Audi). I cannot even imagine all the wonderful beers you must have been able to sample!

    1. I still had a massive paper to write when I got home but it was a great opportunity and I want to go back so badly.