Friday, March 23, 2012

Finished Object Friday - My Lovely Socks!

I did it and really it wasn't as hard as I made it out to be.  Seriously, they seem like tricky little items of clothing but once I followed the directions the whole process just clicked.  Some have commented that it may be due to my engineering background and understanding of how stuff works, but really folks DO NOT be afraid of socks.

Yes, they strike fear in the hearts of many new knitters but I have found the more that you want to do something the easier it is to keep going.  Seriously, just jump in with both feet because in knitting what's the worst that could happen?  Frogging?  Tinking?  I think that is a little price to pay for learning a new skill.

So, I busted my fingers and focused on getting that second sock done.  I presented my first sock last week and I wanted to get the other sock done for this week. I also wanted to avoid the single sock-itis that could happen so I pushed forth and started the second sock.

While working on the cuff, I noticed a bit of pooling and was slightly disappointed.  Really though they are socks and the cuff will be under my jeans so there is no use in worrying about it.

I kept going and before I knew it I was at a finished sock.  I meant to take more pictures but really I just wanted to get the darn thing done.

Voila!  The Second Sock
This one didn't quite go as smoothly,.  I think I miscounted my cast on and was short some stitches so I had to make a few to get it right while I was working on the gusset.  I also think my gauge tightened but I am working on stretching it out so it's comfy.

You may notice that the coloring is a bit darker.

Sock #1 is on the right and Sock #2 is on the left
It almost feels like the inverse of the first sock.  That has a base is light with dark accents whereas the second sock has a dark base with light accents.  It's okay though because they look like they match and that's all that matters.

In general, I am so pleased with the result and the pattern was super easy to follow along with. Though I made some modifications to suit my tastes a bit.

  1. I only made the cuff 3.5 inches.  I have larger calfs and was worried the longer cuff wouldn't fit
  2. I did twice the decreases at the toe to get a more gradual decrease rather than the stated one.  I have wide feet and felt the fit would be better this way.
I admit these things are addicting and cast on another set.  I think this is more my traveling project with no real hurry to accomplish it in anytime soon.

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<3 Heather


Patten - Silver's Sock Class
Needles - Size 2/2.75 mm with 9 inch cables and Size 2/2.75 mm double needles
Yarn - Shalimar Yarns, Breathless in Tequila Sunrise  (I still have about 44 grams of yarn left)

Duration - Little more than 1 month.  Sock 2 took 1 week, which is more representative of how long I spent on each one.


  1. They look awesome, I'm not an engineer, I've not yet practiced with DP's so socks are way down still on my list, but someday.

    1. I cast on to a 9" cabled needle and then switch to DPNs which made the transition a little less traumatic for the first time user.

  2. Socks are better understood after doing them once or twice - at least that's my experience. I actually like the fact that one is darker than the other; it's kinda fun!

  3. Awesome socks! I find that having one sock slightly dark than the other is a common occurrence. It happens to me all the time, especially when I'm making them at the same time from both ends of the ball.

    1. That's what happened I started the second one with the center of the ball and the colors got thrown off!

  4. I still can't believe these are your first pair, they look amazing! The color is particularly pretty. I can't wait to see what the next pair looks like. Because once you start knitting socks, sometimes they become irresistible to knit!

  5. Great job on your first pair of socks! They look great and they look like they fit you nicely.