Monday, April 23, 2012

Color Lovers - 3KCBWDAY1

Hello!  It's Knit and Crochet Blog Week 2012!  This week will feature topics related to knitting and crochet from various bloggers around the world.

Today's topic is Color!

As I looked over my stash I realized that I really like all of the colors.

I love using bright primary colors for baby blankets!

My WIP LEGO Baby Blanket 

I love crocheting blanket squares in as many colors as possible!

Vanna's Choice Spring Ahead Swap

I love buying yarn in so many colors it makes my head spin!

Look at all of the pretty colors!

While, I have only been knitting and crocheting for about 4 years,  I have noticed some trends in my yarn purchases.  I tend to buy saturated colors.  No pastels for me.  I don't look good in pastels so why make something that I can never wear?   I also noticed that I do buy a lot of green yarn.  Green is my favorite color, so why should't I buy my favorite color.

I love this yarn!

But I also love Orange!  I made my first socks in a lovely peachy orange yarn that was great to work with and the socks are so comfy.

Don't these look like a sunset?
So what does it all mean? Why do I like color so much?  I think it's because there is color everywhere.  I remember in art class our teacher telling us that the clouds are not white, in fact they are everything but white.  At that moment I really started to look at colors in a new way.  I notice the undertones, the highlights and the shades that make every color unique, that is why I like color so much.

Yes, I may like bright and saturated colors but really I am just trying to capture a bit of the world around me and bring it inside when I knit or crochet.

This was taken in Washington at a Tulip Festival
Who doesn't love a rainbow?  Or a field of flowers?  Or bright blue skies?  Or breathtaking sunsets?

So I use what I love and I love colors that make me happy.  Because there can always be a little more happiness in the world!

<3 Heather

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  1. I love what your art teacher told you about clouds. So often we get in a one-dimensional color world and forget about all the variety. I can't wait to see what that tulip photo inspires!

    1. We had a little art project that went with it where we had to paint a winter scene and it really did make a difference when you mixed red, blue, yellow and black with the white and made the sky and snow. I am into photography now and I really do look at the sky and the landscape and you just see the colors beneath the main color.

  2. your green yarn is very pretty would make great socks or a shawl

    1. I do plan on making socks with it, I think I have the Devil's Snare socks planned for the yarn. Shawls aren't really my thing as I hate wearing stuff around my neck.

  3. that lego blanket is wonderful, i love the colours you've chosen. have a colourful monday xxx

  4. Yay - another orange lover ;) And yep, you should absolutely buy your favourite colours! I love that green yarn

  5. I love saturated colors, too, and find them hard to resist whenever I visit my LYS!

  6. I like the lego blanket. Great design to use!

  7. What an interesting tidbit about clouds. I need to remember that and be more open about them.
    Me too; I'm so not a pastel person.