Monday, April 23, 2012

Hockey Heartache

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While I don't typically post twice in one day, my  heartache for the Pens loss and series loss to the Flyers is fresh and needs airing out.

Picture of the Consol Energy Center Scoreboard from 2010 Training Camp

Last Monday, I posted about my hockey hangover but at the time there was still hope with another game to be played.  In that time, the fans picked up the team by its boot straps and BELIEVED in the 23 guys that make up the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Pens went on to Win 2 more games and yesterday afternoon, they had a chance to tie the series and push it to 7 games.  Now, let me say that winning 4 in a row either in a sweep or in a comeback is hard work but I believed.

As I have said in the past, you have to have hope when your a sports fan.  That really is the wonder of being a fan is that miraculous comeback that you can tell your kids about 20 years from now.  I believe in our team and even though they are going to play golf instead of another series, I would still rather have them than the Flyers.

Now with some time from the loss, I have this thought.  If we played another series of 7 the Pens would win, and if we played another series the Flyers would win.  These 2 teams are so evenly matched that really it's a coin flip.  Does this make the frustration and heartache any easier?  No, not at all but someone has to win and someone has to lose.

I also think that while the Flyers did win, I feel that the Pens beat themselves more.  Their defense was lacking.  Their penalty kill which was one of the top units in the league, let in to many goals.  They stopped playing Pens hockey, let their emotions rule the game for 3 games and had a slug fest.

I will still keep track of the scores and watch games here and there because I am a fan of the sport not just my team.  I hope the St. Louis Blue make it to the Cup Finals from the West and will probably be who I will  cheer for.

As far as the Flyers, Dan Bylsma said it best yesterday after the game, "I want to congratulate the Flyers and their organization on the series win, but I can't wish them luck though"


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