Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 - July Recap

I reread my recap post from June and laughed at the following statement.
"It has been so hot but I am trying to enjoy the sunshine instead of whining about the heat."
Really the weather had not even begun to get hot last month. I spent a good chunk of the month of July sleeping on my couch under the air conditioner. I did get a new matress and box spring so I may actually sleep in my room. Time will tell.

I have been out and about with the boy* but I did manage to get a bunch of stuff done and was able to post some great Finished Objects.

You got to see the finished version of the LEGO blanket, the Green Lantern Square, and a single wristlet.  The thing that makes me happiest is the progress on the Hogwarts Scarf.  Next month it will get finished.

 <3 Heather

* The Boy is my code name for the guy I am currently dating.  He is super sweet so be kind.  :)


  1. I think we all want to make sure that The Boy understands and supports your fiber endeavors, because it IS important (hooray!). Look at all that work you have done! Keep up the great work.

    1. He saw the stash and didn't run away. That's a good sign right?

    2. That's a FANTASTIC sign!!!! :)

  2. Your projects are amazing!!! They're really beautiful! And best to you and The Boy. I think it's wonderful that you've found someone who cares for you and even more supports your crafty endeavours.

  3. You got a lot done, great work and I really love that Lego Blanket.