Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Kryptonite

Hello all, as I was about to write "I have been quite busy lately" I realize that is more the normal than being bored or boring.  While I haven't done anything considered exciting, work and life keep me pretty busy.

I went home to my parent's (I still never know the proper noun to use now) house this weekend to visit with my Dad and Gram.  She has been staying with Dad for a 2 months now but it's weird to see someone else beside my mom around the house.

Anyway, Dad and I met up with my mom's best friend and her sister.  Aunt Becky and Aunt Francy are not  related but are as good as family.  My mom and Becky met each other since they were five.  She is super awesome and I always love hanging out with them.

Honestly I can attribute a huge portion of my Nerdiness to them.  Aunt Francy had me watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 and other science ficition shows as a child.  My favotite was when MST3000 did Gozilla vs Mothra!  Bring out the butter!

So between that and cleaning and sewing my weekend was pretty jam packed.

So following the weekending, I really cranked it into gear with my knitting.  Nerd Wars is on and I am determined to get a few things done each month.  In the mean time, I am also moonlighting as the team's blogger.  Check out my posts here.

Aside from being focused on some projects, I have to say that I am trying to get to bed earlier to get up earlier.  So far, not so good.  Ten, Eleven and Mid night come around and I am just so close to finishing my project that I just go a little bit more.  Crafting is really my Kryptonite.

So let's look at what's keeping me up late:

Superman Square

Will Superman save me from the Kryptonite?
After being ripped out once, I am really just ready to get this thing done.  I have some follow up work where there are gaps and holes but it's coming along.  I think it looks nicer in picture than in person but then again I see the holes that haven't tightened up yet.  This should be done tonight.

Diagonal Lace Socks 

So this is my car project.  I have to go through a detour on my way home from work.  What is a 15-20 minute trek to work become 45 minutes on the way home thanks to a bridge backing up.  So I sit through a few lights and am at a complete stop between so I use the time to knit.  Now I wouldn't cast on in the car or do the gusset and heel but the foot and cuff sections are perfect.  To see what it looks like completed, here is the other sock.

Sock #1
So that's what has been my focus this week, what have you been up too?

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<3 Heather


  1. Wow, you have been super busy, but It all sounds like nice stuff, especially getting to see your family. I'm seriously impressed that you can knit during your commute, it must be a bad one. I also love MST3K! My favorites are The Prince of Space and Hobgoblins. Also I'm so sorry for worrying you with my latest post, I'm perfectly fine just failed to mention that I work at the hospital. So sorry!

    1. Oh glad to hear that you are not ill. Hahaha sometimes it amazes me that people know of MST3K.