Friday, October 12, 2012

Finsihed Object Friday - Superman Square

Well, it's not a bird or a plane, it's a Superman Square.  I have been working on several super hero squares throughout the year and I finished another one this week.  In the past, I made Aquaman and Green Lantern and this is the third in the series for a Justice League Blanket.

These squares play into my idea for a Justice League Blanket.  The blanket is made of 6 squares for super heroes and 6 solid color squares.  I really need to get on making those solid color squares.

While, I designed the previous squares, this one had an existing chart and so I dove in.  Really I started this guy for Tournament 5 of Nerd Wars but didn't finish it and was annoyed by the color work so I ripped it out and started over and resubmitted it for Tournament 6.

To say that I was annoyed by the colorwork did not begin to explain the pain this square was.  The black edging and little spots of color left holes in the square.  I had to go back and mend the holes to pull them together.  I think this is just the challenge of using 4 colors for detail and it may not have been as bad if I did it with only 2 colors.

I think it photographs well and it should be okay in the blanket but I had such high hopes after the other squares I made.

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Pattern - Superman Logo Chart
Needles - Size 7/4.5 mm with 24 inch cables
Yarn - Comfort Solids & Heathers, in Primary Red, Primary Blue, Primary Yellow, Liquorice
Duration - 1 Week
Size - 60 stitches by 60 stitches
Gauge - 5 stitches per inch


  1. Replies
    1. I know I think I just see the flaws and it bugs me. I hope time will help.

  2. I can definitely see how that might be a very frustrating project. The colorwork was very advanced. But I think that you pulled it off very well, cut yourself some slack.

  3. I think it looks fantastic. Having the black edging seems like a pain, but it really makes the Superman logo pop. : )