Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cozy Cone Dreams

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Honestly it has been a busy couple of weeks.  I have had a couple blogs that I wanted to get too but time got away from me.
Sunny California!  - California Adventures!

I had a trip planned between Christmas and New Years to Anaheim California.  I mentioned earlier in December my drama with my flights. Since that point, the flight situation got a bit interesting.

The original plan was for my Dad to take me to the airport, it snowed on the 26th of December.  We got about 6 inches of snow rapidly overnight and Dad is not a fan of driving in the snow.  We were going to maybe use my car since it has all wheel drive, but we panicked half way to the airport and he jumped out to take a bus back to the house.  I continued on and drove myself to the airport.

Image from my Parking Spot at the Airport

Once checked in, and through security the rest of the evening went as planned.  The flight out was uneventful, though I was by the latrine the whole time.  I will leave that experience to your imagination.

Me Trying to Find Some of the Students
Anyway, the conference was good.  I had 4 students from the chapters I support to keep an eye on and they were all great girls.  I think they had a good time and were able to take a ton of information back to their chapter.

Overall, the first 2 days were workshops for the students and alumni the the last 2 days were the legislation meeting.  In between, there was one night that was less regimented and we went to Disney's California Adventures.

California Adventures
We didn't get to ride to much only the Merry Go Round but it was nice to walk around.  We got Cozy Cone Drinks from Carsland too!

Nothing like drinking from a traffic cone.  :)
And we caught the Pixar Parade!

Who doesn't love Roz!

After Disney, the legislation dictated the rest of the time in California.  I knit on the floor to keep myself occupied and got 1.5 Justice League Filler Squares done.  Nice and easy knitting while listening to debate.

I am on the far left, knitting away.  Notice I am not the only one knitting.
So we ended with the banquet and I flew home on December 31st.  I got an Economy Plus seat for the main trip to Chicago which was nice and a half empty flight home with no one else in my row.  All in all a good trip.

Now for a small amount of bad news, while in Anaheim my Grandfather passed away.  He was 86 and just didn't recover from a procedure to remove fluid from his lung due to his congestive heart failure.  He passed away peacefully and we buried him on 1/3/2013.  While I am mourning his loss, I know he is at peace.

Sorry for the sad news but I wanted to catch up and share my adventures in California.  I had originally intended to meet up with Tami from Tami's Amis Blog (where I link up on WIP Wednesday and FO Friday) but she was sick with the flu.  Maybe next time.

<3 Heather


  1. I'm sorry about your Grandfather, take care of yourself.
    Your trip sounds like quite an adventure - I'm not keen on driving in the snow either. Thankfully, we don't get too much here!

    1. I am jealous. I like snow only when I don't have to deal with it. IE I can sit and knit and not go out. As far as driving in it, it doesn't bother me just other crazy people on the road who do.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss, Heather. But it sounds like you had a good trip to California. The first thing I noticed in the last picture was the woman sitting there knitting. Then I spotted you right in front of her. I bet there are other knitters in the crowd. :-) Oh, and Let's Go Pens!

    1. Yes there were. It really is a good thing to do when you're a figidity person like me. I can keep my hands busy and listen and be attentive at the same time.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa, but happy to hear that you had a good time while in CA!! I'm glad the weather held out for you as well. :)