Friday, March 22, 2013

Finished Object Friday - Sun and Stars Trillian

Holy Butterscotch!  I am posting twice in one week.  Stop the presses!  No really, this post has been in my mind for about 2 weeks but I was waiting on a couple things.

  • First, I wanted to show my knit night group.  
  • Second, I wanted to block it.  

Alas, only the first got done and I am impatient so you get to see the finished object now.

So while I have many things in the crafty pipeline (Three lovely shawls, three large afghans, and a cardigan) I can't help but cast on when I get the bug to do something.  This was definitely the case with Trillian and the brand new skein of Wollmeise in Maharani.  This skein was a Christmas gift from my friend Dianne who went to Germany before the holidays.  I was so spoiled and really have to amp up my Christmas game for this year.

The yarn is AMAZING.  I know a lot of people covet the yarn but please remember to use it.  While it is so lovely in the skein and all caked up, using it and knitting with it is even better.   It is so nice and easy to work with that I am completely spoiled with other yarns.

So, after untwisting and winding the skein, I was amazed at the depth of color and variation that came from 3 primary colors.  The yellow, red and blue each brought hues of secondary colors.  Green, oranges and teals were all present in the yarn and just shine as little color bursts through the cake.  It was a compilation of everything I love, bright, saturated colors and nuance with more subtle greens, teals and oranges.

I needed to pick a pattern to do this yarn justice.  I love all of Martina Behm's patterns and she designed them with Wollmeise in mind.  So of course I had to pick one as my first project with the yarn.  Now many have made and showed off their Hitchhickers but I wanted to make something a little less popular and a little more unique.  After debating for a few minutes with the yarn, it finally told me that Trillian was the way to go.

I cast on and ripped out several times because I got nervous about the "right" side looking good but after a while I just said Butterscotch it and went with it.  Boy am I happy that I did.

After I decided to just go with it
So I plugged on and with surprising single minded focus....okay there were some other projects going on but I worked mostly on this one primarily...I plugged along.  There were amazing moment when the pooling took my breath away and that is when the name was born.  I was struck by both the skein and the pooling that this yarn looked so celestial.  It was sunrises and sunsets on an inky dark sky.  It was pops of stars that shine and glimmer.  It was the Sun and Stars

There were moments where I was wrestling with it to get it so I was comfortable knitting. And moments where garter was getting a bit old.  But really I loved watching it grow and change.

Almost done!
The edging is the real star of the shawl

I just love the polling throughout the shawl

I just looks so nice anyway you arrange it
Whenever it's blocked and I can get a whole picture I will be sure to update.  Until then just enjoy the colors.

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<3 Heather

Now for the Details:

Ravelry Page - Sun and Stars Trillian
Needles - Size 4/3.5 mm Chiagoo Red Lace Circular Needles
Yarn - 143 grams of Wollmeise Pure Wool in Maharani
Duration - 2 Months
Pattern - Trillian from Strickmich! by Martina Behm


  1. Awesome project! The yarn is lovely.

    Here's my FO:

  2. Amazing! The border really does make it! Now don't try to sneak up on anyone while wearing that :)

  3. That looks amazing - I love how the yarn knit up :)

    1. Thanks Nat, I am too. I love bright primary colors but this was just perfect with the subtle complimentary colors.

  4. That is the most awesome pooling EVER. Especially the yellow to purple gradient, so fun! I absolutely love it, you definitely picked the right pattern for it too. I'm going to have to put that yarn on my covet list, but I'll probably be guilty of letting sit somewhere where I can admire it in skein form.

  5. You are right, I must use the three skeins of Wollmeise that I have in my stash. My colours are more semi-solid but they are yummy. The pooling in this project is rather glorious.