Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Butterscotch!

Okay this post has absolutely nothing to do with butterscotch other than that is a common word to leave my mouth as an alternative to the expletive that I am thinking.  Really it has been a butterscotching month since I last posted.  I didn't even post a monthly recap because I only posted once in February.

Chatting a lot here in the beginning so here is something pretty to look at :P

Seriously, I didn't forget about this and everyone it's just that every week Wednesday would come and go.  I had great intentions to get posts up about what I was working on and what was going on in my life but the time would pass and I would just plan on the next week.

Mostly, it frustrates me that I didn't blog because it does help to put some things into focus for me.  It helps me to summarize me thoughts and tell little stories which help in my everyday life as well.

So you first, how are you?

Oh Really?  Do go on!

That's lovely!

Work in general has been busy.  I am not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing but my time during the day just flies past.  This week is the first time in a month that 90% of my time isn't booked and it's nice to get some time to think and reflect.

Outside of work, has been okay.  I had a midterm, spring break and back to class again.  I didn't do so hot on the exam. (read: really bad)  I don't know what happened but now I have to bust my butterscotch to scrap through.  Keep me in your thoughts and wish me luck.

Home is okay.  I am working through cleaning up my place and starting spring cleaning.  I really need to wash the walls, wash the curtains, and vacuum everything.  Winter brings such yucky stuff inside.  On top of that, I need to convince my dad to clean too.  He's not a slob or anything but would never dream that you should wash the curtains.

My Living Room
Also Easter is steadily approaching and I really need to think about what to make for dinner and who will be coming.  Seriously, who schedules these holidays so close together?  All in all, work, school and knitting have been keeping me busy.

On an update, POK has already gotten her pattern.  The yarn is ready but I need to make the stitch markers.  I didn't forget just working on finding the time :).

So let's talk about what I have been working on that's fun rather than work.

Candy Skein Leftie

5 colors!
I have been busy getting another project done but I did manage to get more leaves on my Leftie.  I have through the blue actually done but this is the most recent picture that I have.  I kinda like the color changes because its a small sense of accomplishment. each time I get to switch to a color.  The colors are hard to photograph with my phone so I am going to have to break out the big camera to show how gorgeous the colors are doing.

Tropical Ginger Hitchhiker

The orangey color is actually the Crystal Palace Mini Mochi shown above in Tropical Ginger.  I really hope to get to the other colors soon.  I bought this yarn in January for the sole purpose of making a striped Hitchhiker.   The white is a lovely Heritage Silk from Cascade in Snow.

I know I know I barely got one project off the needles and started another.  But you have to realize this is an accomplishment.  I looked at the yarn for over a month on my knitting chair (green one above) until the needles opened up and I could cast on.  Really that's huge.  I am trying to finish things this year so I am sparingly* buying yarn and planning ahead in an effort to get things done.

*Starting now I mean, because 2 grab bags of Wollmeise and 2 skeins of yarn from Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet do not count.  Because I said so :P

Anyway,  I did get some yarn earlier in the year that I want to show off so that maybe a post for tomorrow if I get the pictures tonight.

Well that's it for this week.    For other WIPs check out Tami's Amis and Frontier Dreams

<3 Heather


  1. Butterscotch is a great substitute! I tend to go with Golly, but I may have to borrow that! Love your Leftie - someday I would like to make one, if I can decide on a color scheme!

    1. I honestly have a bunch. Fudge Nuggets is a close second but butterscotch is just so fun to say and helps to lighten my mood when I feel the need to really swear.

      The color scheme was hard but a good friend got me mini skeins so i just had to pick the base.

  2. I am cleaning now too! I am trying to get my space family presentable!

    I just went and found Leftie. I can't wait to cast on, but first I have to finish at least one project this year!

    1. Understandable and always happy to enable with great projects :)

  3. Are you never not really, really busy? I think you must like being productive and getting a lot done with each day, I'm the same way. Good luck with the cleaning, hopefully you'll start seeing results quickly and then have that extra push to do the rest. Wonderful projects as always!

    1. I know. I like to be somewhat busy but seriously it's been insane. I think my recent test scores show that I have been burning the candle at both ends.

  4. The Mini Mochi looks lovely against that fabric. I'm loving your Leftie - I've had my eye on that pattern for a while so you are tempting me!

    1. Thanks my mom made those place mats for my table. I love them so much :)

      The Leftie is definitely addicting.