Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And the stress just escalated to epic levels....

Do you feel it?  Do you feel the palpitation and excitement in the city? There is a buzz and excitement that surrounds the city and pulses to it's own beat.

I have mentioned there are times of the year that are best for a sport fan.  While March Madness is a crazy time with so much basketball it makes your head spin and the Super Bowl is a great party, the NHL Playoffs are a completely different animal.

Seriously, every single time I think about the Penguins today, I have shivered in anticipation.  I am just a big ball of nerves and I am not even playing.  Yesterday started 2 months of non stop hockey.  While this condensed season has been non-stop these games are for the cup and that changes everything

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I can't describe this feeling.  It's amazing and wonderful, and nerve wracking and heartbreaking.  I this is reason I started to knit because I needed a mild distraction so my blood pressure wouldn't spike while watching the games.

Me watching the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals

Seriously I can lose my mind while watching a game to intensely.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  I hope to keep everyone updated on the games as well as my knitting.  I honestly have had a bit of a hiatus from knitting lately and haven't made much progress.

Video is from John Via ThePensBlog

So as we begin our game tonight, keep my sanity in mind.  #LETSGOPENS

<3 Heather

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  1. I totally understand, I have found that as a tennis fan, my actual enjoyment of a match is inversely proportionate to how much I care about the person playing. If I really want someone to win, anything that isn't them kicking absolute butt with every point is excruciating.