Tuesday, May 14, 2013

And the stress just escalated to epic levels....Round 2

I just recovered from the first round and the second round starts tonight...way to give us fans a breather.  I have no idea what to think of with this series because the Pens did not perform the way I had hoped.


Here is a quick series recap:

Image from Islander's Wikipedia Page

Opponent:  New York Islanders
Game 1: NYI 0 - PENS 5
Game 2: NYI 4 - PENS 3
Game 3: PENS 5 - NYI 4 (OT)
Game 4: PENS 4 - NYI 6
Game 5: NYI 0 - PENS 4
Game 6: PENS 4 - NYI 3 (OT)

The series was back and forth.  The Pens were hot and shut down the team in 2 games and did just enough to win in the two over time wins.

The Islanders came out with no expectations and that is the scariest kind of team. Many thought the series would be a sweep but the pesky and talented team came to play and gave the Eastern Conference Leaders a run for their money.

In the 2010 playoffs, the Pens were surprised by a Montreal team that steam rolled the Capitals and trapped the Pens.

In the 2011 playoffs, the Pens made the playoffs despite Malkin out with an MCL injury and Crosby sidelined with concussion symptoms.  My expectations were not high but the team couldn't close out the series and Tampa Bay moved on.

Last season in the 2012 Playoffs, the Flyers just made my blood boil.  They instigated chaos and in return got the Pens away from their game.

In comparisons to the past couple of playoffs these games felt different.  There were flashes of brilliance and then tons of mistakes.  The series was really won in the special teams.  The power play was on point and the penalty kill really kept the games close.  All in all, this series added a few more gray hairs on my head.

My dad got to watch a practice this season.  This is Dad with Matt Nisknanen and Craig Adams

I think the funniest thing that I will remember from the series was during Game 6, I was at home watching the game with my dad.  We were synchronized with our comments during the game (read: swearing at the team)  There were moments at the exact same time the same curse word would leave our mouths.  Then we yelled at the announcer to call the game rather than give us some inane fact that didn't matter the play on the ice.

So as I gear up for the Senators in the next series tonight I am anxious and nervous but I wouldn't want it any other way.


<3 Heather

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