Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2013

Hello all, I have been having a great week so far but really I think it's the left over yarn fumes from this weekend.

This past weekend, I was at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  This was my first year there and I had a blast.  I traveled with Samie from NotYourGramsAfghan and our friend Alyse from our knit night.  We are all about the same age and had a blast on the drive to and from Maryland listening to music and talking.  Seriously, I cannot not listen to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' Can't Hold Us without giggling.  I put my hands up every time they mentioned it in the car, even though I was driving.  Try not to smile or bounce your head while listening to these guys.

So I know what you're thinking...get to the yarn!  Okay okay, be prepared for picture overload.

Ooo the coveted bag!

So let me show you what's inside of the bag.

Look at all of the pretty yarn!
So I have plans for all of this.  I got 2 Color Affection kits from Miss Babs.  One is for a traditional Color Affection and the other is for Happy Street.  I also got the show colorway.

For Color Affection
For Happy Street

Show Color - Maryland 2013

DragonFly Fibers - Silver Fox
As for the rest of the yarn, most of the colors are neutrals to make stripey shawls with my stash.  I have plans for Cameo, Zeypher Cove, Cladonia, Mormorio, Twice Born, and Merging Ripples.

Cephalopod Yarns - Oleander Nymph

FiberOptic Yarns - Au Natural

Cephalopod Yarns - Pandorus Sphinx Caterpillar

I did however get yarn for Sundry.  I got 2 skeins of Bugga! from The Verdant Gryphon for that pattern.

Bugga! - Experimental Love Child

Bugga! - Longhorned Beetle

 I did get some lovely colors from Into the Whirled Yarn.  Seriously love the colors and the names are right up my speed.  I will impulse buy yarn based on the name.  Check these out.

Bigger on the Inside