Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIP Wednesday - WIP-ogamy

Hello everyone, I hope the week has been treating you well.  I think the yarn fumes in my head have finally disapated and now the little devil on my shoulder are starting to tell me to cast on all the things.

Cast on all the Things!  From
with inspiration from Hyperbole and a Half

So instead of casting on all the things, I am practicing a little WIP-ogamy.  Yes that's right, I am using restraint and trying to get some of the projects that have been on the books for awhile done.
Call it spring cleaning, call it lazy but I just want to get this stuff done and show everyone the wonderful things I have made.

But it's hard!  Really hard!  Did you see my post on Tuesday?  All of that pretty yarn that is just calling to be wound and cast on.  Thankfully, I left my swift and ball winder in the car from a yarn winding party with Samie from NotYourGramsAfghan.

So while tempted, I haven't brought the equipment in to wind the yarn and my laziness is my only saving grace.

Now on to what I working on.

Tropical Ginger Hitchhiker

Oh it's so stripy and shiny!
So this has been the main project as of late.  It's super easy to keep track of where I am going because the pattern is a 4 row repeat and I can count the stripes!  I have 30 teeth done so far.  I am supposed to stop at 42 but I don't see that happening.  I am just going to knit until I run out of yarn!

Look at all of the teeth!

Overall, I got so many compliments on this while I worked on it at Maryland Sheep and Wool.  It's so simple but is so stunning at the same time.  I do have another Hitchhiker in the works as well.  It's a solid colored shawl using SpaceCadetCreations yarn in the Estelle base.  It's a lovely Rosey Pink Color called Juicey but alas I don't have a picture yet.

Candy Skein Leftie

Isn't it lovely?
Every new leaf becomes my favorite.  I am so happy to knit this shawl but it hasn't gotten as much attention as it should have.  Since the Hitchhiker is so easy, I just keep working on that.

Such pretty colors!

Anyway, since my last update, I have 2 more leaves done and another ready to start.

Hue Shift Afghan

I don't have a picture but I did complete a new square with the peach color to start a new row.  I am trying to challenge myself to get 3 squares done a week.  We will see how that goes.

So that's about it.  I can't guarantee that I won't start something this weekend but I am going to try and get these done first.

Well that's it for this week.    For other WIPs check out Tami's Amis and Frontier Dreams

<3 Heather


  1. They're gorgeous! Every time I see one of those shawls it makes me want to make one myself!! :)

  2. Beautiful. I think I might have to drag my Hitchhiker out and work on it tonight.

    1. Sounds like a plan. May the power of the hitchhiker compel the pens to do a good job!

  3. You are so into rainbows right now, I love it! They are both so pretty, I'm honestly wondering what is wrong with you because you have been able to resist such pretty colors. Maybe you are like me and there is this stage in shawl knitting where the rows are just too long?

    1. I am at the point. The rows take forever which is like the death of forward progress.

  4. Oh I do like the stripy Hitchhiker. I love stripes, Iove Hitchhikers, it is a match made in heaven. I need tomgonand raid my stash!

    1. Oh stash dives are the best. I love finding lovely yarn I completely forgot about. I have to credit the idea to a knitter in my knit night group. She made one and we all drooled and started a stripey hitchhiker.