Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Slimer Green

Hello all, I admit that I am still in a funk over the Pens performance during the Eastern Conference Finals.  Really this was a cup or bust year and the fans expected a lot.  Overall, I enjoyed the playoffs this season and will probably watch the finals and hope for Chicago to win.

In other news, I painted my nails on Monday and the color reminds me of Slimer from the Ghostbusters.  I like the color but every now and then as I type it catches my eye and I am blinded by bright nail color.

It's really green

Since the Pens are out of the running, I have actually started to work on other WIPs for a bit of variation.

Hue Shift Afghan

Hue Shift
It's really coming along
So I am up to the solid peach block.  The end of this 25 block is in sight.  This is good TV knitting project and I am still trying to get one block done a day.  I feel like that is a good goal to get this project moving along.

The Flash Square

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. I'm the Flash

So I am sorta cheating on WIP-ogamy goal with this project.  Some would say sorta cheating is like being a little bit pregnant, but I have an explanation.

This blanket project has been going on for a year already so beginning a new square doesn't count as starting a new project.  This is like starting another square in the Hue Shift, it just isn't connected yet.

I measured the height of the first column of squares and the blanket is most likely going to measure 3' X 3'.  Which is okay, I was hoping for a bigger blanket closer to 5' long by 3' wide.  Once everything is joined I am going to try and block it a bit to make it bigger.  Also aside from joining I need to go over all of the super hero squares and mend some wholes the color work caused.

Tropical Ginger Hitchhiker
Candy Skein Leftie

I did get some work accomplished with these shawls but it was minimal and I didn't get pictures this morning.  I have 33 teeth on the hitchhiker and will probably stop at 42 and decide if I want to make more.

The Leftie is coming along and I am now in my third repeat of the colors.  Red is done and now onto pink.

Anyway, that was my week.  Hope yours is going well.

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<3 Heather


  1. Another hitchhiker, you are blog #3 to be making one, great yarn are using for it

  2. love that blanket, it looks wonderful.

    1. Thanks! I really want to get it done to snuggle under for fall and winter.

  3. Love your hue shift afghan. It's so gorgeous!

  4. I love the nail polish, and I imagine the combination as you knit the afghan is really fun.

    1. Yeah the peach and green look really good together.

  5. To say that is green is an understatement, it is super green! You lament the fact that you only have a couple FOs for this year so far, I would defend you by saying that you have so many WIPs that you are making great progress on. One of these days you will have an explosion of FOs!

    1. It has toned down during the week and it's duller if I wear coordinating colors. I think I am switching back to the bright pink tonight. You are right and most are really close to finishing. Perhaps that's what I need to look forward too, weeks of FO posts.