Monday, June 10, 2013

And the stress just plummeted....

Well, that was quick and brutal.  If you had told me last year that the Pens would have a shorten season, finished first in the East and made it to the conference finals I would have done a jig and then laughed.

One year later after a demoralizing exit from the playoffs against the Flyers, the Pens won two rounds and were primed for the conference finals. I honestly do not know what happened.  They appeared the be healthy but I think they forgot they had to play.

The Bruins swept the Pens.  The Pens which were one of the highest scoring teams were shut out twice in the same series and scored only 2 goals.

Seriously who let out the Pod Penguins?

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Here is a series Recap:

Opponent:  Boston Bruins
Game 1: BRUINS 3PENS 0
Game 2: BRUINS 6 - PENS 1
Game 3: PENS 1 - BRUINS 2 (OT)
Game 4: PENS 0 - BRUINS 1

Unfortunately, I am so hollow after the series.  I did my part but the players just stopped producing and there is nothing more as a fan that I could have done.  The worst part is that I wanted a cup for Jerome Iginla, Brandon Morrow and Douglas Murray.  I wanted Duper to feel like he had an actual stake in the cup.  I just wanted a Pens tattoo with my bestie to mark the occasion.

There are only 121 days until next season.  That should fly by right?


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  1. I think that the ungodly 8 day break was killer to the Penguins. The momentum was gone and by the time they got it back, it was way too late. It is such a huge let down, but at the same time, almost a relief. I can't really explain that, but I feel like all my tension was released on Friday night.

    Not because they eliminated the Pens, but because I hate them almost on par with the Flyers, I am totally Team Blackhawks until the finals are over, then I am back to hating them too.

    1. Yeah I think the time really didn't help them at all. I think it was just enough time to shut their brains down.

      Sigh, next year will be better right?