Monday, July 8, 2013

Movie Madness Monday 2

Don't you love alliteration?  I am hoping to start a weekly posting for Movies on Monday.  Make sure to comment below if you're interesting in linking up.  I will start to use Mr. Linky and will think of something for a logo/image.

What I have seen so far:

Despicable Me 2

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Anyway, this past weekend I attended the movies again to see a new movie.  I never saw Despicable Me in theaters but loved it when I watched it on DVD/BlueRay.  Anyway, this movie was high on my must see list this summer and Samie from Not Your Gram's Afghan wanted to see it as well.

Since her bf works on Sunday we made plans to go see it in the afternoon.  I forgot that the afternoon would be prime viewing time for kids.  Normally I try and avoid those times because I am a 20 something adult with no children and try to avoid the disruptions.  The children in the theater were well behaved though and really made me feel like a kid again too.  Seriously, I loved the oohs and ahhs they made when the interesting parts were happening.

As far as the movie, it was cute.  I really liked it even though it did lack some charm of the original as well as the surprises about the characters.  Overall, the movie was heartwarming and seriously the minions stole the show and made my 90's fan girl come out.  Overall, it's worth it to go and see it for yourself.

What I want to see:

The Heat - Open Now
Man of Steel - Open Now
This is the End - Open Now
Now You See Me - Open Now
Fast and Furious 6 - Open Now
Star Trek Into Darkness - Open Now
The Bling Ring - Open Now

RIPD - July 19th
Girl Most Likely - July 19th
To Do List - July 19th
The Spectacular Now - August 2nd
Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters - August 9th
Don Jon - September 27th

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<3 Heather


  1. I'm game to link up if you like. I LOVE the movies and blog about them fairly regularly.
    enjoyed your thoughts on D. Me. :)

  2. I love movies! I'll have to try and post something next week. Probably more Netflix-able/DVDs than in-theaters, if that's okay.

    1. Of course it's okay. It's not about the new releases as much as the community and good movies.