Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Orange you glad

Back again with a really crafty week.  My Dad was home sick Thursday and Friday with flu symptoms.  He had chills, was achy and a headache.  I knew he was going to be fine but this is the first time he has actually been sick since mom passed and it brought out some old anxieties in me.  Its hard when you have this urge to take care of someone even though you can't get there to do it.  Anyway, I think I caught whatever it was he had because Monday and Tuesday this week, I had similar symptoms.

Aside from getting sick, I had a great weekend.  I was able to finish my blanket by weaving in the ends, taking pictures and washing it.  I even have the post for Friday all ready queued up and ready to go.  Go me!  While it was a bit chilly, I was able to get some of the golden light before sunset to set off my blanket.  I can't wait to show everyone.

Other than that, this week was fairly laid back.  Other than knitting things and going home for church everything was pretty quiet.

 Shapely Boyfriend

It's alive!
The last time I posted about this was in January.  I did work on it through the winter but once spring came, I no longer was longing for a cardigan sweater.  I put it aside and figured that I would pick it up in the fall again.  Earlier this month I looked at the sweater and though I wanted to work on it, I delayed because I wasn't sure the original size was going to fit anymore.

I have been going to a nutritionist about my weight and she has me on a strict diet to help me lose weight.  I can't have fat, sugar, carbs, and dairy but I have lost 15 lbs so far, basically all I can eat is lean protein and veggies.  I figured that given my knitting speed, I wouldn't be able to wear it until next fall so I decided to make it with a 42 inch bust.

I began with a new skein of yarn and once that was used I ripped out the needles on the old sweater and started to use the yarn that was already knitted.  I was about 4 skeins into the sweater and I didn't want to rip it out and re ball it.  So I am carrying around 2 sweater, once that is growing and one that is shrinking.

What I didn't anticipate would be how much faster this is going.  I think because I understand the pattern I can just zoom through it.  In a week and a half, I have already surpassed what I made on the other sweater.  I just finished the waist shaping and have 8 more rows until the hip shaping.  I actually think that if I keep up this pace I may be able to finish it next week.  Thank goodness for large needles and chunky yarn!  I haven't been this fast on a project since my first hat.

Cherry Sundry

I haven't had a chance to work on this given my dedication and focus on the shapely boyfriend cardigan.

Quaker Foxhunt

Well the new skein of yarn came in last week but I haven't restarted it yet.  This skein is actually wound with the orange on the outside, so now the internal debate begins orange first or green first.   I am actually going to wait until November to start.  If I dedicate to working on this project like I have on the cardigan, I may be able to turn it in for nerd wars.

So that's all for this week.

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  1. Nice cardigan pattern, good idea using the yarn from one sweater for the next rather than unravelling it first

    1. Thanks. This yarn has been used several times already. I just want to finish something with it.

  2. Hurry up! It's a lovely colour.