Monday, October 28, 2013

Movie Madness Monday 17

Welcome back.  This is a weekly meme where bloggers can share their thoughts on movies.  Any movie review is welcome including, new releases, old favorites or new found favorites.

What I am Reviewing:


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Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

This was on Saturday night and given the upcoming Halloween holiday, I had to watch it.  This movie came out before I was born but I remember watching it as a kid and I loved the cartoons.  So really this was a great movie to reminisce about Halloween's past.

I was a clown, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, A Dalmatian, a Hershey Kiss, a playing card, a witch, and an M&M.  In college I was a bar wench, a gypsy, a pirate and a 50s girl (Poodle Skirt).  All of these my mom made me.  Some with lots of planning others with a little more than a week before I was going out (mostly the college ones).

As far as the movie, 3 former college professors come together to fight paranormal activity in NYC.  Things are a little shakey at first but soon they are rock stars of the city and hire on a 4th member to the team.  During all of their battles with ghosts, some weird stuff happens at a large apartment building in Central Park West.

Two of the penthouse residents are possessed to open an other worldly portal.  The Ghostbusters come to save the day and battle a huge Stay Puft Marshmallow man.  Get the chocolate, I'm thinking s'mores!.

Do you have any movies that you love from Halloween?

What I have reviewed:

Sense and Sensibility
Perks of Being a Wallflower
Don Jon
Lars and the Real Girl
Rise of the Guardians
Star Trek: Into Darkness
We're the Millers
Pitch Perfect
Die Hard
The Decoy Bride
Despicable Me 2
Monsters University
Much Ado About Nothing - Now available on BlueRay

What I want to see:

CBGB - 10/11/2013
Kill Your Darlings - 10/16/2013
Carrie - 10/18/2013
About Time - 11/08/2013
Hunger Games: Catching Fire - 11/22/2013
Frozen - 11/27/2013
Out of the Furnace - 12/06/2013
Savings Mr. Banks - 12/13/2013
American Hustle - 12/25/2013
August: Osage County - 12/25/2013

Wait for Blue Ray

The World's End - Now available on Blue Ray
This is the End - Now available on Blue Ray
Now You See Me  - Now available on Blue Ray
The Bling Ring - Now available on Blue Ray
Hangover 3 - Now available on Blue Ray
The Heat - Now available on Blue Ray
Pacific Rim Now available on Blue Ray

Girl Most Likely - Available November 5
Man of Steel - Available November 12
To Do List - Available November 19
Fast and Furious 6 - Available December 10

The Spectacular Now - Coming Soon
Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters - Coming Soon

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  1. My mom made me a 50s poodle skirt too! I can't remember if it was for Halloween or theater, though.