Thursday, November 7, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Err Thursday? #4

This week has been seriously wonky.  Twice a year, I perform a civic duty and work at the election polls.  Granted this is my first year but I am happy to continue on the tradition of my grandmothers before.  Both grandmothers worked at the election polls and I still remember the old machines.  We had these large machines where you could pull a little lever, in fact I was shocked after the 2000 election to learn that other states actually punched holes in their ballots.

What our voting machines and ballots used to look like.
Anyway, that was all day Tuesday and then I lost track of the day yesterday but I still wanted to share with you my progress.

Shapely Boyfriend

Pay no attention to the messy car
I forgot to get pictures until I arrived at work so before I started I captured a few pictures.  Since I was at the election polls from 6 am - 8:30 pm I was able to finish the body and start on the bottom band.  Last night I did finish the band and bound off the body of the sweater and started on a sleeve!  I am so shocked at my progress.  I thought that I might get it done over the week but I was busier than I thought.  I know I will get this done by the end of November.

The band!
I was able to get all of the waist and hip shaping done by Saturday and I was left with 35 rows to finish.  On Tuesday I know 31 of those rows and then finished the rest last night.

After this I am going to focus my efforts to finish some of my shawls.  Maybe with some focused effort I can get those done soon too?

So that's all for this week.

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<3 Heather

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  1. I see more progress by focusing than when I hop around, but sometimes I need the diversion.