Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday - The Holidays Are Coming!

I feel like there should be screaming and pandemonium, when I read this weeks title.  This time next week I will be scrambling to get the ingredients for the side dish I am taking to Thanksgiving dinner.  But for now I am in gift making and buying mode.  I am in two holiday swaps.  One if for our local knitting group and I am just about done with that one.  Muwahahaha!  I need to order something but other than that I am done!  Woot.  The other one is for Nerd Wars.  I am well on my way with progress for that one so yippy.

As far as other shopping goes, I think I know what I will get everyone but haven't had an opportunity to shop.  I usually wait until after Thankgiving to do my shopping but because it's so late this year I may have to start this weekend.  There are only 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Aieeeeee!  

Shapely Boyfriend

Arm number two.
I have to say the picture above makes me think of something that was scandalous in Georgian England.  Seriously it's just a bit of shoulder and arm.  How racy :)  Perhaps I need to lay off the historical romances...

Anyway due to swap projects in the works I put this aside the later part of the week.  I cast off the first sleeve last week and got a lot done on Thursday but didn't manage to finish it like I hoped.  I should be able to finish it tonight and get started on the button band.

Mint Ginger Ale Soda

A Sneak Peek!
So I mentioned that I started and finished this guy between last week's post.  I love making hats, so quick and satisfying.  The pattern is called Cherry Soda/Orange Soda and while I call all fizzy drinks pop, I needed a green soda to name my hat.  Ginger ale came to mind but not just any ginger ale but Mint Ginger Ale.  I love this stuff, it totally reminds me of the holidays because that's when its available.  Apparently it's a Pittsburgh thing but this is my drink of choice around Christmas time.  Anyway the pop is Green!  So of course I had to name my project after this favorite!

Ginger Ale Podsters
Little mitts!
So I tried to start these two at a time but that was an epic fail.  I think I got the needles twisted so I just pulled them off and will make them one at a time.  I will try again at some point.  Anyway so a friend made these for her last swap and they turned out really nice so I wanted to give them a try.

I originally picked a different yarn but it had a color that my swap partner didn't like.  Thankfully I was still on the hat so I swapped out the mitt yarn. One complaint with the teal is that it's kinda dark and it bugs my eyes.  I think it will be easier now that I can see my stitches versus just the cast on row.

So that's all for this week.

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<3 Heather


  1. What great projects. I really love the colors of them. Your sweater looks so comfy. =)

  2. Lovely projects. Green River is another good green pop, but that might be a midwest thing (even here it's hard to find.)

  3. Mint ginger ale sounds cool! And the hat looks great - what a perfect name for it.