Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Anxiety

As a result of the holiday and my surgery I won't have any new posts until January.  

Happy Holidays from Amaryllis Musings!

I really don't know how the past 3 months have sped by so fast.  I feel like it was just last week where I sat in the surgeon's office and talked about surgery and what I would need to do to prep for it.  But now the wait is in the single digits and I am suddenly full of anxiety.  Mostly I am anxious about stuff I can't control.  For example, my insurance hasn't approved the surgery yet and there was some complication with my leave.  And what I have in my control hasn't been very controlled this week.  

I need to lose 3 more lbs for my weigh in tomorrow.  I am a nervous wreck that they will tell me that the surgery is canceled because of 3 lbs.  I wish I could say that I followed my diet but in the face of not eating real food for 2 months, I was weak and didn't follow the plan.  Now I am super nervous.  I always do this.  While I bitch and moan on my blog about stress, really I make my life stressful by procrastinating.  Perhaps I secretly covet the thrill that procrastinating provides.

Never the less, please keep me in mind tomorrow morning when I go to the nutritionist.

In other news, I almost prepared for the holidays.  I have the majority of my shopping done in record time and I just have to wrap.  I still have some baking to do but basically I am almost done.  I even got my nerd wars swap present done and out almost a week ahead of schedule.  :)

11 rows of lights :)
I have one more stripe repeat to complete and then I start on the short rows.  I had hoped to have that started for this week's post but I wanted to the hat done for Christmas first.  So hopefully I will have a third color incorporated for next post.

This is a big welcome back to the hue shift afghan.  I put this aside to concentrate on my White Centered Granny Blanket and now have finally gotten back to this project.  I got two more squares complete and started on a third.  Maybe I will be done with this by spring? 

So that's all for this week.

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<3 Heather


  1. Good luck with your surgery. I spotted on Google+ that you knit to stave off anxiety; I do the same thing.

    Also wanted to leave a note to say I love your color affection. Did one myself a while back but I really like the colors you've chosen.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you, yeah it helps to focus on something productive like knitting versus what I tend to worry about.

      Thanks! I think it's going to look nice when it's done too.