Friday, March 16, 2012

Finished Object Friday - Sock Numero Uno!

So on WIP Wednesday this week, I asked you to...

Spot the Difference (read that with a game show announce voice and cue the theme music!)

And many of you did which is great!  I know this project isn't truly finished but I wanted to give my first sock a moment of glory.

Last week, I really put in an effort to start the heel flap and before I knew it I had a sock.  Oh you have no idea the excitement of how awesome it felt to get that sock done.  I started my sock on February 11th and really didn't work on it a ton because I had a case of Gotta-Cast-On-ITIS and have 5 projects going.

Anyway, something made me decide that I did enough ribbing.  Which lead to the decision to just try this heel flap thingy and see how it goes.

Heel Flap and Heel Turn!
I mis-read the directions and instead of on the Wrong Side Slip 1 and Purl the row, I slipped one and purled 1 across.  I have to say that the heel on this sock is super strong but I was dropping stitches left and right and getting my needle through the loop brought a lovely version of French to my lips.

After the heel flap and the turn came the Gusset and really that brought out the engineer in me.  I love how things work and until I was half way through the socks, I didn't get how the stitches worked out to make a sock.  It truly is magical but now I look at all socks and mentally take them apart and put them back together.

Notice I switched on to DPNs for the rest of the Sock

Anyway, after all of the fun of heels and gussets were done I was left with stockinette rounds until I reached 8 inches from the back of the heel.  I wear a size 10 and let me tell you I was yelling at my feet to get smaller as I did those rounds.  As I was yelling at my feet, I knit 8.5 inches and suddenly realize the toe decreases were going to make the sock too big.

But I counted my stitches and gauged my work and realized if I doubled the decrease pattern I should be able to get the size I need and a good fit.  So I set off and counted and prayed that this thing would work. I kept putting the sock on and measuring and praying some more but finally I got down to 12 stitches on my needles and tried it on and it was perfect.  Now the grafting thing was tricky and I may not have done it right.  Time will tell but I finished my first sock!

Ta Da!
Now, a friend on the Ravelry forums has said that she thinks that I am one of the most adventurous knitters she knows because my first knitting project was a a colorwork hat and then just dove right into socks. I of course blush at this thought and say it's not true.  I just know what I like and there are just patterns that I want to do because I want to do them and that drives me to figure out how to do them.

 I admit that socks were kinda scary but after seeing other's comment on their own fear I figured what the heck and cast on the stitches I needed.  I know for me if I want to do something, then nothing will stop me (really who needs sleep!).

I also realized that I didn't want to stop at this one sock and wanted to have a pair, I cast on the second sock on Monday and have all of my ribbing complete.

Ribbing for the second sock

The yarn is pooling a bit but they are my first socks and a learning experience so I don't mind.  I think I should be able to get the second sock done this weekend and definitely done for next FO Friday.

Just so you don't think it's an older picture!
Here is what is on deck after these socks are done
Here is what I have planned after these are done.

Granted this doesn't include upcoming gifts that may pop up but what I want to do in the coming months.  I think knowing what I want to work on next and having a plan of when I have to get some of this stuff done will keep me motivated through some of the repetitive knits and crocheting that I have to do.

How do you stay motivated?

Seeing other's finished objects help me to keep motivated so check out more at Tami's Amis

<3 Heather


  1. I find that it helps me to get through repetitive knitting if I watch TV or listen to a radio show like This American Life while I work. Honestly, for a beginner, those socks are amazing! They look great and I'm glad that it seems like you did not succumb to second sock syndrome. Cannot wait until they are done!

    1. Thanks I was determined not to have single sock-itis so I jumped back in. Thanks for the compliments it means a lot :)

  2. Heel flaps are like a magic trick, I think! It's awesome that you dove right into socks!

    1. Oh thanks I think diving right in doesn't allow worry or self doubt enter. Thanks for the kind words. It means a lot :)

  3. Wow, go you!! A First Sock has to be a seriously exciting event. :D And I actually really like the way the yarn is working up into the pattern---the colour-pooling looks all candy-fun-pretty to me.

  4. Wow, a sock, I am soooo impressed. I sometimes find it hard to stay motivated. At the moment I am trying to stick to smaller projects so that I get some feel-good finishing done. I also crochet squares (from the 2012 Block A Month group on Ravelry), they each feel like a finished object even though they're actually gong to be a blanket!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.