Friday, May 31, 2013

Finished Object Friday - Batman Square

I'm Batman!  No not really, I have been working on several super hero squares throughout the past year and I finished another one this weekend.  In the past, I made AquamanGreen Lantern, and Superman.  This is the fourth in the series for a Justice League Blanket.

These squares play into my idea for a Justice League Blanket.  The blanket is made of 6 squares for super heroes, 6 solid color squares and 3 squares to represent The Big Bang Theory.  At this time, I have 3 solid color squares complete and was able to join 3 squares in the design.

The Blanket Design

While, I designed some of the previous squares, this one had an existing chart and so I dove in.  This square was relatively easy.  There were only two colors and I was able to carry the colors on the back for the most of the design. I flubbed around the ears and had to do some quick recalculating to make it all work.


I think this was easier than the Superman square but I needed some time to do other things before I was ready to work on this again.

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Pattern - Batman Logo Chart
Needles - Size 7/4.5 mm with 24 inch cables
Yarn - Comfort Solids & Heathers, in Primary Yellow, and Liquorice
Duration - 2 days
Size - 60 stitches by 60 stitches
Gauge - 5 stitches per inch


  1. Awesome progress on an ambitious project!

  2. You are really picking up the momentum on this blanket now! I'm sure it is nice to have a bit of a break from the many awesome shawls you are knitting.

  3. Oh wow, I am speechless, one of the few times I wish I had a boy is when I see projects like this, though maybe when my girls are older the will begin to appreciate the superhero thing as I do. I've thought about making a Harry Potter blanket but can't quite face it at the moment. Yours is making me think again though!