Monday, July 22, 2013

Movie Madness Monday 3

Huzzah!, there was a bit of interest so I am in fact starting a new meme of weekly postings for Movies on Mondays.  I haven't been to the movies since Despicable Me but have been watching a bunch of things on TV and Netflix.  I probably will intersperse my reviews at random between new releases, new to me and old favorites.

What I am reviewing:

The Decoy Bride

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So who can resist Merida and Doctor Who?  I have to say that number ten is my favorite so really this was a must watch movie for me.  After a great recommendation from my friend Samie, from Not Your Gram's Afghan, I decided one evening to watch it.

The movie opens with a foiled wedding.  It was to be the wedding of the year but due to the paparazzi, the private and intimate moments were ruined of Lara and James.  Lara is a famous movie star and James (played by David Tennant) is a noted author and a picture from the ceremony is the hottest item in town.

We then move to the Isle of Hegg in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and wash ashore with Katie (played by Kelly Macdonald).  An islander who left for adventure but is returning home after a failed engagement.  She is stuck and frustrated to come back home on an island where the closest men her age are 13 and old enough to be her grandfather.

Meanwhile, in an effort to dodge to photographers and meet the dream wedding needs of Lara the entire wedding party and entourage retreat to Hegg for the ceremony.  But one photographer follows.

Hi jinks ensue and a lovely little love story develops.  My favorite scene is when James is asked to play the bag pipes for a elderly deaf couple.  They couldn't hear the horrendous honks but imagined a beautiful melody and danced like they were 16 again.  Seriously, warms my heart every time I have watched the movie.

I have watched this at least 5 times and really it's lovely.  Funny, touching, heart warming and romantic every time I watch it.  Check it out, it's on Netflix Streaming.

What I have reviewed:
Despicable Me 2
Monsters University
Much Ado About Nothing

What I want to see:

The Heat - Open Now
Man of Steel - Open Now
This is the End - Open Now
Now You See Me - Open Now
Fast and Furious 6 - Open Now
Star Trek Into Darkness - Open Now
The Bling Ring - Open Now

RIPD - July 19th
Girl Most Likely - July 19th
To Do List - July 19th
The Spectacular Now - August 2nd
Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters - August 9th
Don Jon - September 27th

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  1. I went to see "Now You See Me" last night - really enjoyed it :) I'll look forward to your review

    1. Thanks I need to get thyself to the movies. I already missed Star Trek in the theaters.

  2. cool. I'll have to check out Decoy Bride.

  3. I watched this the other weekend on Netflix Instant, it really was cute. I love a good British rom-com.