Thursday, June 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Err Thursday? #2

Hello again, don't you just love the start of June?  I do.  I may not be a fan of the heat and humidity but early June is one of the best times of the year.  School is getting out, summer plans are being made and the season just brings a lovely energy to the community.

The temperature in early June is warm but not oppressive.  The nights are cool or as my mom would say "Good sleeping weather."  Plus the flowers are starting to bloom and perfume the air.

My favorite smell is honeysuckle that grows wild along some roads.  Particularly on the way home from my dad's house.  There is a stretch where the hillside is just full of the flowers and the air just smells sweet and clean.

It's those smells this morning on my way to work that reminded me that I should enjoy the weather before it gets too hot or too busy during the summer.

Speaking of busy, yesterday came and went and I forgot to take pictures so this post is a bit later than I would like but I wanted to update everyone on my progress.

Candy Skein Leftie

Lucky Shawl?
So it is with a frustrated heart that I update you all on the Penguins.  You may have noticed my series of playoff recap posts.  The Pens have made it deep into the playoffs and this round decides who goes on to the play for the Stanley Cup.  It is with a sad heart that I report to you that my beloved Pens are down 3 games in the best of 7 series.  The game tomorrow faces elimination and a sweep.  I am so distraught.

During the first game, I did my pregame rituals.  I got my knitting out, the shirt on the game on the ipad and started to watch.  It was an epic fail.  The next game not much better.  Last night, double overtime and a loss.  I don't know what else I can do but I keep working on the shawl to hope the good vibes help the team make an epic comeback.

Justice League Filler Squares

Just a square but it's going in an epic blanket
Before the round started, I wanted to work on something but didn't want to finish the Leftie too quickly so I started another filler square for my Justice League Blanket.  These blocks are fairly easy and mindless stockinette that can be taken anywhere.  The image above shows the 40 rows I have so far and I should get the rest done tonight at knit night.

Juego Sin Fin en el Verano (Endless Juego in Summer)

I ended up ripping this project out.  I just couldn't justify the time to make the shawl when I wasn't excited about doing the shawl or even wearing the shawl.  I learned a lot about using beads, reading charts and there are some aspects that were worth the time I took on the piece.  Instead I am going to use the yarn to make Lunar Tide.  It has a similar cable cast off that I can add beads too like the Juego and still have something that excites me and that I would wear.

Hue Shift Afghan

The latest addition to the afghan
Glamour Shot :)
I didn't work on this blanket but I did finally get some new pictures to show you.  Enjoy :)

Anyway, that was my week.  Hope yours is going well.


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<3 Heather

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