Monday, August 5, 2013

Movie Madness Monday 5

Welcome back.  This is a weekly meme where bloggers can share their thoughts on movies.  Any movie review is welcome including, new releases, old favorites or new found favorites.

What I am reviewing:

Pitch Perfect

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I have watched this movie quite a bit since I bought it.  It's Aca-awesome! I did get to see this in the theaters when it was released and made sure I got it for my iPad when it was released.

The movie is about an anti social girl Beca, who heads to college even though she doesn't want to be there.  She wants to be in LA getting a start in the music production/DJ industry, but was forbidden by her parents to go.  So as an enticement to join in the college experience, her dad makes a deal with her to join a group on campus and if she still wants to go to LA next year she can go.

So many groups to choose from and she chooses the Barden Bellas.  The all-girl a Capella group on campus that is desperate for new singers.  The scenes to whip these new girls into aca-shape were hilarious.  The one singer is called Fat Amy and she steals the movie.  Seriously, she is my hero.

As with any college comedy, there is a romantic element.  Jess is a member of the Treblemakers at Barden and the sworn aca-enemies of the Bellas.  Awesome music and John Hughes have roles in potentially bringing these two together.

Overall a great movie that makes me think I want to join an a Capella group but then I think, mmm... better not.
What I have reviewed:

Die Hard
The Decoy Bride
Despicable Me 2
Monsters University
Much Ado About Nothing

What I want to see:
Girl Most Likely - Open Now
To Do List - Open Now
The Heat - Open Now
This is the End - Open Now
Now You See Me - Open Now
Fast and Furious 6 - Open Now
The Bling Ring - Open Now
The Spectacular Now - Open Now

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters - August 9th
Don Jon - September 27th

Wait for BlueRay
Star Trek Into Darkness
Man of Steel

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  1. This is one of those movies I thought looked cute but I never made it to the theaters for. Waiting for a Netflix Instant opportunity!